James Pridham is a unique artist offering one-of-a-kind artwork, as well as commission services. His award winning artwork has been displayed in galleries from coast to coast, featured on four television programs and in ten national & international magazines.

For over twenty-five years Jim has been designing and creating realistic museum quality dioramas…best described as miniature movie sets. The subject and scale varies widely; from an individual house to entire city block to complete communities with historical or contemporary themes. One of his first works was a complete “Z” Scale (1/220 th inch) World War II US Army Air Corps Airport. He has built complete maritime communities, harbor scenes, different style individual houses, San Francisco style Victorian Houses and complete city blocks and neighborhoods.

Lately, his short-term whimsical projects have begun to reflect his fascination with JRR Tolkien. He has begun creating what he calls Middle-earth inspired artifacts. These projects are intended to keep his hands busy between his more ambitious long-term diorama projects.

All of these unique and charming works are for sale. Jim will accept commissions to build to specification….

Architectural, Biological, Botanical, Geological… contemporary/historical, …old western town, coastal village, harbor, neighborhood block, individual house, boat, airplane, spaceship, Middle-earth inspired artifacts…...you name it,…he’ll build it….(His diversity is notable….he is currently building/sculpting a three feet tall Bonsai-like Black Oak tree).

James E. Pridham: (510) 537-5949

email: MiniatureEscape@aol.com

James Pridham